Two-Way Screwdriver

Retail: PKR 47/-

Pack of 12: PKR 540/- (Each PKR 45/-)

Carton of 300: PKR 12600/- (Each PKR 42/-)


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Brand Name: Golden Eagle

Product Category: Irreversible Screwdriver

Rod Material: Alloy Steel

Handle Material: Professional Plastic

Types: Two-Way

Screw Head Type: Slotted and Phillips

Colour: Black

Usage: Industrial and DIY


Key Features

  • 2 in 1 Fastening Rod
  • Finished Alloy Steel Nickle plated rod ensuring resistance to corrosion
  • Anti-Skid strong grip handle for excellent control and durability
  • Smooth domed end ensures fast spinning action with speed
  • Large diameter handle which offers great torque needed for driving screws
  • Tip identification for easy choice of the correct screwdriver for each screw type
  • High grade Alloy steel rod reducing the risk of tip breakage

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Screwdriver Details

All measurement are in Millimeters (mm).

All Weights are in Grams (gm).

Two-Way 5.9  #2 1.0 5.9 160 251  56


Golden Eagle Two-Way Screwdriver is ideal for Professional, DIY and trade jobs. Comes complete with a nickel plated rod which is corrosion resistant with a strong grip handle that provides excellent torque and hand grip. With a smooth domed end for fast spinning action, speed and a large diameter handle that offers greater torque needed for driving screws. Tip identification for the right screwdriver for each screw type. High grade steel rod allows for high torque and reduces chance of tip breakage.