100% ECA Super Glue

20gm Retail: PKR 65/-

20gm Pack of 10: PKR 630/- (Each PKR 63/-)

20gm Carton of 200: PKR 12000/- (Each PKR 60/-)

60gm Retail: PKR 132/-

60gm Pack of 5: PKR 645/- (Each PKR 129/-)

60gm Carton of 100: PKR 12500- (Each PKR 125/-)


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Brand Name: Fastik

Product Category: Adhesives

Main Raw Material: Ethyl Cyanoacrylate

Material content: 100% ECA

Color: Transparent(Clear)

Made for Industries: Leather, Paper, Wood, Plastic, Rubber, Glass, Shoe, Furniture and Signages.


Technical Data Sheet  Safety Data Sheet

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There are some very useful products that everyone can use it like an industrialist, shop keeper, supplier or even a housewife. We introduce Fastik Super Glue, a powerful liquid allow in seconds that are extremely precise even on flexible materials. Ideal for porous and vertical surfaces, and strong enough to withstand extreme conditions, the glue’s high strength non-drip formula dries transparent to form invisible bonds that give long-lasting durability that’s both weather and shock-resistant.


Best for:

  1. Mirrors Manufacturers or Repairer.
  2. Glass Industry.
  3. Carpenters or Wooden Makers.
  4. Plastic Industry
  5. tone Repairer/Fabricators.
  6. Fibre Glass Industry.
  7. Marine and Boating Maintenance
  8. All-rounder Product for Indoor and Outdoor.