About Us

How it Begins?

Mr Muhammad Shafique started manufacturing of metal parts under the name “Shafique Sons” in mid of the 50s. In 1980’s started his new era in Hand Tools Manufacturing and expand the business by adding perfect and comprehensive tools in his production-line. In the 1990’s a new company “FASNNA IMPEX” to began exports to various countries. Later than, RASKOH and FASNNA TOOLS came into being and started their operations.


Who Are We?

FASNNA GROUP is working in Pakistan and serving the state since 1980 by Manufacturing and Providing Quality Hardware Hand Tools through established Selling Network and Chain of Suppliers for its own Branded Products. Our Manufacturing Standards meet with well-known and world-class leading brands for its innovative design, solid material and long lasting durability. Besides this, we are also providing various services like Technical and Marketing Consultancy, Research & Development, Import & Export and Industrial Supplies.


Our Vision

Our vision is to be the Global Leader in hardware tool product by presenting our customers with good quality products and also want to set industry standards for our international corporation companions.


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our clients with Reliable, Sustainable and Valuable High-Quality and modern machine tools as per the changing desires of our customers and improves Human Being’s Lives via meaningful innovation.


Purpose of Business

The Core Purpose of FASNNA is to bring its best quality tools for industry through its network of Distributors, Suppliers, Wholesalers with promised good advisory service and authentic quality control system. One of our Purpose is to endorse a culture of high-quality tooling and personalized equipment to your work. We are already working in PAKISTAN with 400+ Sale Channels and day by day those channels are expanding. We are also supplying to various countries in the Middle East.

We are very keen to capture European and American markets with our best line-of-products. For this, we are connected with major suppliers, vendors and marketing companies in European and American States as well as in Russia.

Business Opportunities

FASNNA GROUP always ready to Welcome sincere friends and partners that can be:
• An Investor
• Joint Venture
• Buyer
• Material Suppliers
• Technology providers or even guideline comments from anyone that can help to improve our products and services.     Get in Touch


Experts in Manufacturing

  • HAMMER PROOF HANDLE with high-grade material for screwdriver handles.
  • High-Quality ALLOY STEELS for Screwdriver Rods.
  • Hacksaw Cutting Blade with HIGH CARBON Metal.
  • Pliers with DOUBLE HEAT TREATED Steel.
  • Adhesive Products with WORLD’S BEST Raw Material.

Our Brands

  • Golden Eagle (Screwdrivers)
  • Supercut (Hacksaw Cutting Blades)
  • ROHA (Pliers)
  • Fastik (Adhesive Products)
  • Glob (Hacksaw Cutting Blades)
  • Fasnna Tools (Industrial Supplies)

Our Services

Being a relatively good firm, we are able to give our clients personalized quality service. Below, we have listed the services that we offer to our industries:

  • Manufacturing
  • Import
  • Export
  • Marketing
  • R&D
  • Consultancy
  • Industrial Supplies

Reasons to choose FASNNA’S Brands;

  • Fine Finished Design Products
  • Made with Best Quality Raw Material
  • Customer Support
  • Consistency in Production
  • Material Handling Capability
  • Competitive Prices
  • Environment-Friendly Production

Quality Policy

We believe in providing valuable products to our customers, suppliers and personnel it will result in a further boom, achievement and destiny prosperity of the business enterprise and complete all engineering and manufacturing projects in an expedient and expert way. Quality can be defined as fulfilling specification or customer requirement, without any defect. Our QC Department inspects the production activities to ensure that produced items are fulfilling the highest possible quality.

Welfare Responsibility

We impact society in many ways, to be a good corporate citizen and basic cognitive process in giving back to society. FASNNA GROUP has been part of welfare projects, the primary one being the Muhammadi Medical Trust Hospital and HIMMAT Trust for Education and rehabilitation.


Environmental Sustainability

As a supplier of a comprehensive range of quality hand tools. The company is fulfilling its strong commitment towards environmental sustainability by using 80% Recycled Plastic Material of its total consumption.

A Story of Three Generations

First Generation

It was mid 50’s when a young Orphan (Muhammad Shafiq) from a family who was migrated from INDIA. He started manufacturing metal parts after the completion of his training as a die fitter at cottage level.
In the late 70’s He founded a company SHAFIQUE SONS and started the production of Screwdrivers under the brand name Golden Eagle.

In 1979 along with business activities, Muhammad Shafique started a Charity organization (Muhammadi Medical Trust) with the help of Friends & Family to provide Free Health & Medical Facilities to poor and needy.


Second Generation

Later In the 1980’s, the Second Generation of Muhammad Shafique Janjua (Naveed Ahmad, Nadeem Shafique, and Faraz Shafique) joined the business and formed new company FASNNA IMPEX. They expand the business by adding new products in the line and started exports to various countries. FASNNA GROUP (Shafique Sons, Fasnna Impex) producing Screwdrivers, Pliers, Hacksaw Blades and Super Glue.

The second generation also showed interest in charity & public welfare activities and founded HIMMAT Trust for Education, Relief and Rehabilitation. They played a vital role in helping the victims of Natural Disasters like Earth Quake and Flood Victimized areas.

Third Generation

Transfer of a family business to the next generation is not easy and ownership of a family business is the most challenging to maintain. Later in 2017, The Young Blood of the second generation (Naveed Ahmad, Nadeem Shafique and Faraz Shafique) entered into the family business with the idea of Digitalization and Corporate Expansion. The Third Generation strongly believes in “The First Generation started a business, the Second Generation ran and expanded it and the Third Generation will keep it moving forward with New Ideas and Strategies to achieve the Goals”.

The Third Generation also strongly believed in the charity & public welfare.

Muhammad Shafiq


Naveed Ahmad
Business Director


Nadeem Ahmad
Production Director


Faraz Ahmad
Finance Director



Faiq Hassan Janjua
Managing Director - Fastik



Zaeem Ul Hassan
Managing Director - Fasnna Tools